“The internalizing and transfer of information has been pivotal throughout human history. It led our ancestors to build stone tools, then communities then agriculture. It built our cities has dispelled our false understandings of our world and universe, it literally evolved our brain and will continue to change every aspect of human existence whether you like it or not.”

Daniel A. Janssen

Professional Speakers Guide

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High Profits, High Demand Products That You Can Sell As A Professional Speaker – And Why Your Business Is Really Information Marketing, And Not Public Speaking!

Why do you want to be a professional speaker? Do you want to make a lot of money? Do you want to make a difference? Do you want to leave a legacy?

Three things will happen to you during your tenure in this business.

You Fail The truth is most speakers won’t make this business. They get into this business for the wrong reasons or without really knowing what they are getting into. For the reasons, check out the “The Great Myths and Mistakes Most Amateur Speakers Make When They Begin Their Speaking Career” section in this manual.

You Become VERY Successful – At Least For A While

If you are fortunate, and if you do everything imaginable to be fortunate, you will get very “famous” at some point in your career…something like Zig Ziglar, Tom Peters, Brian Tracy, Anthony Robbins, a successful infomercial, a best-selling book, something will set your career on fire!

Fact: If that happens, you’ll stay at the peak temperature for only a relatively short period of time.

You NEVER Become Famous, But You Build A Reasonably Successful Business

If that “on-fire” period never happens, you might run a successful business, making a solid six-figure annual income. Bottom line is if all you do is public speaking, you will end your career having been nothing but a glorified wage slave!

I want to challenge you to think about public speaking in an entirely different way – as a means of building a stable long-term business that generates perpetual and on-going streams of income for you. Public speaking is one of the BEST way to acquire customers quickly and easily – and getting paid at the same time!

Think about it. Any typical company work very hard and invest a lot of money to obtain a NEW customer. And hopefully they get their money back plus a good profit through that customer’s second purchase, third purchase, fourth purchase and so on.

But not you! Instead of paying to get a customer, you get PAID and you get a customer.

Don’t you get it? The money is in the customer lists you can build through speaking. The money is in the list, in the list, in the list! Do the calculation yourself. Let’s say this year, you speak to about 20,000 people. And 2,000 buy some products from you and become your customers.

If you did it through advertising, you’d easily have $20 – $40 or more invested per lead – so that list is worth over $40,000 to you as an asset with little or effort.

But how much is the list really worth? Well, it depends. Could be tens of thousands of dollars or nothing. Because unless you have additional products or services to sell (backend) – these lists are worthless!

Are you sold on the concept yet? A day spent speaking earns money today. A day spent developing a saleable product can provide income for years.

Here are some of the ideal products for your speaking business.

Books (eBook)

As we’ve talked about, a book is your greatest marketing tool. It’s your front end product. It’s your credibility. Book publishing has become fast, easy, simple and cheap!

With the ever-improving technology, it’s easy to computer a book. There are many companies that can provide as few as 500 prefect-bound books at less than a few bucks each.

You can also create your own ebook. A good friend of mine – a business coach – wrote her ebook in 17 days.


You can command a much higher price for a manual since their perceived value is higher than a book. The best part is you can go to the local printing shop and print out the number of copy you need. You’re literally publishing on demand!

Audio Cassettes or CD

Most popular products in the speaking business. You can produce live-recorded, studio-recorded, interview or hybrid audio.

Video Cassettes/DVD

2/3rd of the offices have VCRs, so the Video is definitely a universal commodity. And now DVD is getting very popular as well.

The best arguments for a Video product are providing the view with a live seminar or with a demonstration-type experience that does not work if only heard.

Complete Home Study Courses

When you put audio, video and manuals together into a home study program, the value goes up even farther.


A system is similar to a home study course. But tools are added on it. Things that you actually can use. Think of it as the difference between the selling a package of books and tapes about kitchen remodeling versus that same package of books and tapes plus a big metal toolbox full of the tools, the nails and tacks, tape, and other materials. Which has more value?

Customized Training programs

Do you speak to corporation? You can develop customized programs for their people to use. Sometimes, you simply change the cover and add or take out some pages. Volia! You got a customized training program.


Do you have programs and software that can solve your customer’s problem? There is a very successful real estate investor who sells a property analysis software for $445.00. Probably the newest type of low cost, high mark-up, high perceived value information product.

Continuity Programs

Tape of a month, book of a month, newsletter all fit in this category. These are programs where you sign up, you are charged automatically every month unless and until you holler “stop”.

Imagine…you go to your office the first day of the month, take out those 1000 subscriber records and charge each of their credit cards for $19.95. Not a bad way to start the month.

The possibility is endless.

This post was written by Daniel Janssen.

Daniel A. Janssen

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