“The internalizing and transfer of information has been pivotal throughout human history. It led our ancestors to build stone tools, then communities then agriculture. It built our cities has dispelled our false understandings of our world and universe, it literally evolved our brain and will continue to change every aspect of human existence whether you like it or not.”

Daniel A. Janssen

Professional Speakers Guide

Training Organizations & Speaker Information:

      1. Toastmasters International


Local Chapters in every major city around the world. Visit website to find a club near you. Toastmasters International is a non-profit organization governed by a Board of Directors elected by the membership. The first Toastmasters club was established on October 22, 1924, in Santa Ana, California, by Dr. Ralph C. Smedley, who conceived and developed the idea of helping others to speak more effectively.

      1. Walters Speaking Services.

http://www.walters-intl.com/ PO Box 398, Glendora, CA, USA, 91740-0398 Phone 626-335-8069, Fax 626-335-6127,E-mail Dottie@Walters-Intl.com and Lilly@Walters-Intl.com Leading resources for speakers and those wishing to hire speakers, and those with a valuable product or service for speakers. Speaking Industry Report 2002. A Report on Professional Speakers, Speakers Bureaus and Meeting Planners. Where We Were, Where We Are, Where We Are Going. New markets, topics and how the speaking industry is reinventing itself. The full report is over 120 pages, and maybe purchased – see more following.$49.95 + $5.00 S&H available in printed format or PDF/e-book

(no shipping charges for e-book)

      1. American Seminar Leaders Association


ASLA is an organization of seminar and workshop leaders who seek to enhance their professional skills and market their services and products more effectively.

      1. The Christopher Leadership

Courses in Effective Speaking – http://home.ican.net/~paradigm/christophers/index.html

Christopher Leadership Courses have been offered in Canada since the first course was run in 1953 at Windsor, Ontario. The Lumen Institute, which is the governing body for all Christopher Leadership Courses, is responsible for the professional training and certification of all instructing teams. The Minister of Employment and Immigration Canada has certified the Christopher Leadership Courses as an educational institution.

In the United States, the Christopher Leadership Course is offered by the Gabriel Richard Institute, a non-profit organization established in 1949. http://www.christophers.org/

      1. Sandra Schrift

http://www.sandraschrift.com, career coach to emerging and veteran professional speakers and executives who want to present like a pro. She operates the Speakers University @ http://www.speakersuniversity.com

This post was written by Daniel Janssen.

Daniel A. Janssen

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