“The internalizing and transfer of information has been pivotal throughout human history. It led our ancestors to build stone tools, then communities then agriculture. It built our cities has dispelled our false understandings of our world and universe, it literally evolved our brain and will continue to change every aspect of human existence whether you like it or not.”

Daniel A. Janssen

Professional Speakers Guide

  1. Appendix B: Author Resources

    1. Listing & Registering your Book in Canada:

      1. Copyright Act: http://laws.justice.gc.ca/en/C-42/index.html

      1. Guide to copyrights:

View online at http://strategis.ic.gc.ca/sc_mrksv/cipo/cp/copy_gd_main-e.html or download a PDF version from that site or http://www.danieljanssen.com/Publications/CanadianCopyrightGuide.pdf

      1. Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO)


      1. National Library of Canada

395 Wellington Street, Ottawa, ON, K1A 0N4

Telephone: (819) 994-6872 Toll free number in Canada: 1-877-896-9481 Fax: (819) 997-7517

In Canada you need to visit and read everything related to you and your book at the National Library of Canada. http://www.nlc-bnc.ca This is the place to start to acquire your block of ISBN numbers and be connected to the Canadian book publishing industry.

For publishers wishing to stay abreast of the latest developments and new federal government publishing initiatives, or even for authors and self-publishers who want an overview of publishing when planning their new publications, the Library’s Web site, “Publishers Window on the Government of Canada”, is the best source of information. http://www.nlc-bnc.ca/6/24/index-e.html or the French site http://www.nlc-bnc.ca/6/24/index-f.html.

      1. Canadian ISBN Agency

Obtain your block of ISBN Numbers.

Telephone: (819) 994-6872 Toll free number in Canada: 1-877-896-9481 Fax: (819) 997-7517 E-mail: isbn@nlc-bnc.ca or website http://www.nlc-bnc.ca/isbn/index-e.html

      1. Cataloguing in Publication

CIP is a voluntary program of cooperation between publishers and libraries. It enables the cataloguing of books BEFORE they are published, and the prompt distribution of this cataloging information to booksellers and libraries. The Canadian CIP program is coordinated by the National Library of Canada. http://www.nlc-bnc.ca/cip/index-e.html

CIP Office Library Processing Centre – Catalogue Records

2206 East Mall University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia, V6T 1Z8

Telephone: (604) 822-6838 Fax: (604) 822-4789 E-mail: cip@unixg.ubc.ca

Web site: http://www.library.ubc.ca/cip/cip.html

      1. Legal Deposit

Legal Deposits is the means by which a comprehensive national collection is gathered together as a record of the nation’s published heritage and development. Canadian publishers are required to send two copies of all the books, pamphlets, serial publications, microforms, spoken word sound recordings, videorecordings, electronic publications issued in physical formats (CD-ROM, CD-I, computer diskette, etc.), and one copy of musical sound recordings and multi-media kits they publish, to the National Library of Canada. http://www.nlc-bnc.ca/6/25/index-e.html

      1. The New Books Service

NBS is an innovative electronic showcase for new Canadian publications featuring both forthcoming print and electronic releases from Canadian publishers. It is the latest enhancement to the National Library of Canada’s (NLC) Cataloguing in Publication (CIP) program.

      1. Canadian Books in Print.

CBIP is the only complete listing of books published by Canadian publishers. There is tremendous advantage to be listed in Canadian Books in Print for access and orders by librarians, booksellers, researchers, and all those involved in book acquisition. Contact Marion Butler at 416-265-1631 for the necessary forms to list your publications. Canadian Books in Print, University of Toronto Press Incorporated, Toronto Ontario.

      1. The Canadian Telebook Agency

CTA is responsible for a national system that assists book buyers in locating specific book titles. Its aim is to increase the efficiency of the book distribution system in Canada. It was established by the Book & Periodical Council.

For more information, contact: The Canadian Telebook Agency

110 Eglinton Avenue West, Suite #401, Toronto, ON, M4R 1A3

Tel: (416) 545-1595, ext.28 Fax: (416) 545-1590

      1. The Canadian Intellectual Property Office


      1. Bowkers Global Books in Print

Becoming a subscriber to Global Books In Print at www.globalbooksinprint.com ™ will give you access to millions of US., Canadian & U.K. bibliographic titles with thousands of full text reviews and out-of-print selections along with the speed, convenience and currency only the Web can offer. Plus, it will save you time and effort in your job and in servicing your customers or patrons. Whether you are a library, bookstore or publisher you will have access to full publisher information as well as the answers to all your book questions.


If you have immediate questions, please contact 1-888-BOWKER2 (888-269-5372). Customer Service hours are Monday – Friday, 9 to 5 EST. Customer Service can be reached 1-888-BOWKER2 (888-269-5372), or you can e-mail to info@bowker.com.

This post was written by Daniel Janssen.

Daniel A. Janssen

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