“The internalizing and transfer of information has been pivotal throughout human history. It led our ancestors to build stone tools, then communities then agriculture. It built our cities has dispelled our false understandings of our world and universe, it literally evolved our brain and will continue to change every aspect of human existence whether you like it or not.”

Daniel A. Janssen

Professional Speakers Guide

3.2 Communicating In The 21st Century:

Communication has taken on new challenges in the 21st century. Audiences have become more sophisticated. People in this day and age are better informed on just about everything which makes them more challenging to get your message across to. You have to be sharper and better organized at delivering your message. You can’t be bouncing all over the page or you are certain to loose their attention. That brings us to another point is that audiences and people in general have become harder to hold their attention. It seems everybody has ADD. (attention deficit disorder). Teachers feel this challenge immensely. Part of the reason is that we are bombarded daily with hundreds of marketing messages and there is an endless amount of people seeking your attention and your money. It seems everybody has something to sell and you are forever being sized up by people that are adding you to their data base as a potential customer.

As you develop your speaking career and materials keep in mind the 21st Century challenges;

  • Audiences more sophisticated.
  • Harder to gain and hold attention.
  • Work place changes and a service economy.
  • Becoming a global economy that has multicultural differences.
  • Ideas, concepts and theories in all disciplines are being challenged.
  • People are demanding more respect and consideration.
  • People are wanting to hear something new.

Types of Speaking Opportunities. (see section for full list and details regrading each opportunity)

  • Work for a seminar company.
  • Develop you own workshop or seminar.
  • Public seminars.
  • Inhouse seminars.

Money Talks by Alan Weiss. “How to make a million as a speaker.”

Alan seems to have a little different perspective than the average speaker. Alan poo poo’s the back end selling approach of your books and tapes. He poo poos the telling all about your personal story (in depth about your hard luck situation) and he poo poo’s the having to be nervous before speaking, and also poo poo’s the act of getting people up and touching one another like hugs, shoulder rubs or other personal acts that may be offensive or embarrassing.

This post was written by Daniel Janssen.

Daniel A. Janssen

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